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Quality damp treatments in Grimsby,

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Is the damp on your house or office walls spoiling the appearance of your building?
Contact King Damp Proofing and Building for affordable damp treatments. 

Outstanding workmanship in damp proofing


At King Damp Proofing and Building, we offer competitive prices coupled with outstanding workmanship –
exactly what you would expect from an established damp proofing and building company. We can manage the
whole project from the planning stage right the way through to completion if required. Contact us for details.



Most people are unaware that a chemical injection damp course is not the only method available to combat rising damp in your home. If you live in an older property, then the chances are that it already had one and failed as they all seem to do.

Don’t be fooled into trying the same method again with offers of cheap prices and long guarantees. 99% of the properties King Damp Proofing and Building has treated, had some form of chemical, usually more than once by various companies. We use a solid plastic membrane damp course as used in all new construction. We will either use special cutting equipment or remove courses of bricks to install your new damp course.
The material used is a PVC strip which forms a barrier to stop moisture from passing up into the building. Old buildings can be given the same standard of protection from damp as new ones, so don’t settle for less

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We do not use chemical damp proofing to ensure that our procedures are safe for the environment. Our professionals use recycled plastic damp proofing membranes for all our projects. Additionally, we grade and separate all waste materials before we dispose of them in environmentally friendly facilities. We do not use skips to dispose of any waste material.




King Damp Proofing and Building was established in 1947 by the forefathers of our current owners. It is a family run business with widespread experience in the building trade. We have renovated many houses over the past 60 years and pride ourselves on our high standards of brickwork, damp proofing, joinery, flooring and plastering, which we guarantee will stand the test of time

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